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Polk County Divorce Records

They say that like wine, marriage gets better with time. While this is true to some marriages in the states, to others however this may not apply. Over time, problems have the tendency to build up and if not properly and promptly addressed, arguments could transform to serious fights which will only be ameliorated with the one thing they never thought they would resort to: divorce.

Divorce is emotionally painful and debilitating. However, to some individuals who reckon their married lives as toxic and not healthy anymore, divorce is their salvation. It’s their way out and their chance to move forward with life after the storm. Thus, remarriage is possible. Remarriage means to get married again; this time with another person. It could be the second, the third time or and so on. Regardless, it is inevitable that during this course, one will really have to revisit the painful experience of the past through delving into divorce records as such decree is the major requirement in the remarrying process. Proving that the previous marital bond has legally ended is paramount.

Divorce Records Georgia

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If you are a divorcee or someone who wishes to marry one, it is important that you know about the divorce proceedings. This will help you understand what happened during the previous marital relationship and be prepared holistically. Should you need such record as a requirement for remarriage, you can actually get a hold of this by following the proper procurement protocol and visiting the proper offices. In Polk County, Georgia, you can choose to obtain the divorce record either in the state or county level. However, the State Office only holds records for divorces that occurred since June 1952 and divorce records that they have available are only uncertified or informational ones. Informational divorce records do not necessarily contain everything that occurred in the proceeding.

If what you need is a more comprehensive record of the legal separation, resorting to the Probate Court in Polk County is a much better option. Because it is the Probate Judge who finalizes the divorce decree, the Probate Court has been the primary archive for certified divorce records particularly those that were recorded even before the State Office started tracking such events. Basically, even if the divorce record you requested occurred before 1952, you can still try your luck at the Court of the Probate Judge as they hold records for divorces and other vital events that took place prior to 1952.

If the manual method does not work for you, however, you can resort to online retrieval. Now with the Internet, you can already access these repositories at home. How? Simply access their online portals and from there, request for a divorce information application or request form, have it printed, and mail it to the proper agency along with the necessary fees. Online transactions are indeed a way to get a hold of any records you desire as fast as possible.

Polk County Vital Records

To procure vital registers in Polk County, Georgia the usual way, you can follow the following steps:

  • Determine whether you need a certified divorce document or an informational copy
  • Know the proper agency to file your entreaty at
  • Download the request or application form
  • Provide the full names of both the husband and the wife
  • Include the wife’s maiden name
  • Indicate the date and county the divorce was filed and approved
  • Submit the form together with the $10 search fee

Polk County Divorce Decree

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