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Richmond County Divorce Records

Conundrums in a relationship are normal. No matter how two people value each other and cherish their bond, bickering to a few stormy arguments are inevitable. With proper communication, patience, and emotional maturity, any relationships albeit how turbulent they might get over time will still be able to withstand any adversities like time, stress, finances and so forth. Without these, on the other hand, it could be more difficult for an relationship – steady or not – to thrive. When all the efforts fail, divorce unfortunately is more likely.

Divorce is not a all a new phenomenon. In fact, it is prevalent at least insofar as the Statistics is concerned. The US Census Bureau has recorded a total of 1.2 divorces in 3.2 marriages as of the year 2013. That implies that there is a considerably high failure rate in the once celebrated marriages. In the Peach State, it is the Georgia Department of Public Health specifically the Vital Records section which is responsible for identifying, classifying, recording and storing all vital records including documents of divorce in Georgia. As such, it is reckoned as the state’s central repository.

Divorce Records Georgia

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These documents, nevertheless, are also available locally at the Probate Court and at the Clerk’s Office in the county where the event transpired. Richmond County divorce records, for instance, can be requested at any of these agencies. However, for a more accurate result, it is encouraged to have your record search done at the Probate Court as it is the Judge of the Probate Court who finalizes the verdict and thus approves the divorce decree.

Take note that Georgia is not at all as open as other states in the US may be. Not all vital records in the Peach State are open to the public. Restricted archives include decrees of divorce particularly certified copies of such as they comprise more crucial information pertinent to the proceedings including discussions on alimony and division of assets. For any other purposes in which an informational copy of a Richmond County divorce decree would suffice, an entreaty can be placed by completing an application form and mailing with it the search fee of $10.

Today, records are already retrievable online with the aid of modern technology. The Internet has indeed taken most transactions and services, if not all, to a higher level which is way efficient and expedited as compared to the conventional methodology. Procuring records using this contemporary marvel has never been this easy.

Richmond County Vital Records

To process your application for divorce decrees and other vital registers in Richmond County, Georgia the usual way, you can follow the following steps:

  • Determine whether you need a certified divorce document or an informational copy
  • Know the proper agency to file your entreaty at
  • Download the request form
  • Provide the full names of both the husband and the wife
  • Include the wife’s maiden name
  • Indicate the date and county the divorce was filed and approved
  • Submit the form together with the $10 search fee

Richmond County Divorce Decrees

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