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Georgia Divorce Records

When performing a background search on a person in question – either for personal or business reasons, it’s important the report be thorough and accurate. If you read the report wrong or receive old or bad information from the reporting service, it could wreak a life. If you’re looking for Georgia divorce records as part of a background search on someone in your life, there are several things you should know.

Georgia divorce records are located through the county or in the state capitol of Atlanta. If the divorce was granted after June, 1952, you can apply for the document through the mail for $2, plus $.50 per page. Certified records aren’t open to the public when it comes to divorce records, Georgia, but online search sites have powerful databases and search engines that can search for information contained in some Georgia vital records. If you want to apply for a Georgia divorce record through the mail, the address is:

Dept. of Human Resources
Vital Records Dept.
2600 Skyland Dr., Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30319

County divorce records are also available in Georgia. All you have to do is know the county and call or write to the Department of Human Resources in that county.

There are many reasons you may want to access divorce records, Georgia, including immigration issues, applying for a passport or presenting proof that you were actually divorced. Many people today look through divorce records on a specific person who may have entered their lives through an online dating service. Georgia divorce records can reveal all types of information you may not otherwise know, such as if that person is telling the truth about how many times he or she was married, if children were involved and property or finances involved. Siblings, parents and legal representatives may also be found on a Georgia divorce decree.

You can use one of the many online search sites to quickly and easily access Georgia divorce decree information about a person in your life. The process is discreet and your payment information is secured. Information you have to enter is minimal and you’ll receive the requested report usually within minutes after submitting the data.

Some Georgia divorce records applications require that you present personal identification before they’ll conduct the search, but online search sites only require some basic information. Click on the link to discover how much an online search site can help you find Georgia divorce records.